Jon Batiste – ADULTHOOD Ft. Hot 8 Brass Band

– ADULTHOOD feat. MP3 Download (Lyrics, Music Mp4, Baixer)

The sensational artist Jon Batiste just released this interesting track titled, “ADULTHOOD ” featuring Hot 8 Brass Band which is available on this website for free Mp3 (audio) Download, Lyrics and Music Video.

This track is a captivating glimpse into the Jon Batiste's recently released album, “WE ARE“. ADULTHOOD weaves a spellbinding tale of self-discovery and liberation, carried by Jon Batiste's haunting vocals and impeccable production.

With a blend of folk, indie, and electronic elements, this song is an emotional journey that lingers long after the final note. Jon Batiste' artistry shines through, offering a glimpse of what promises to be an extraordinary album. Don't miss out—immerse yourself in “ADULTHOOD ” now and experience the magic of this music!

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Jon Batiste – ADULTHOOD Ft. Hot 8 Brass Band Lyrics

Do do do do do do do
Yo, mm

It's phenomenal, this boy's find his soul
It's emotional, room for us to grow, yeah
Superliminal, yeah

Our's is all that you wanna be
Lost my pride, I'm a wannabe
But still I need you, I see
Only you can give me freedom
Only you can make me sing
(You make me sing)

It's phenomenal, this boy's gonna find his soul
It's emotional, room for us to grow

Lord knows I can't fake the funk
Talking to my… more than once a month
Flip-floppin' in my sleep all night
I need to know if we can make it right
(Make it right)

Dear Lord
I pray that you bless our relationship
I pray that you help us not to fight
And to get along
And to go to church on Sundays

Mama said, do what you can
Gotta be a Holy man
You could tell that I'm a Nolia man
By the way that I talk
And the way that I walk
And I wanna see your pretty face
Light up like the city in springtime
Light up like the crowd when I rhyme
Light up like, shine (Get it)

I know you don't like to dance in public
But I love it when you get loose
And show your toes, show your toes
Or when you get loose and show your foes
Let's show them, Ooh

It's phenomenal, you so phenomenal
It's phenomenal, and we gon' find a way
It's emotional, room for us to grow
It's phenomenal, we gon' find it
We gon' find a way
It's emotional, room for us to grow
Yeah, yeah

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