Gucci Mane & B.G. – Talk

, the amazing singer-songwriter, has unveiled this latest single titled, “Talk” which is available on this website for free Mp3 (audio) Download, Lyrics and Music Video.

This track is a captivating glimpse into the recently released album, “Choppers

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[Intro: ]
Choppers & Bricks (Choppa city, you heard?)
(D-D-DJ Paul)
Shit 'bout to get real

[Verse 1: B.G. & ]
Nigga gave me some work, I up and ran off (Pyoom)
I ain't gon' let my block hurt, I hit my man off (Hit him)
You want some smoke, I throw them bullets like a fastball (Yeah)
You talkin' 'bout puttin' me in the dirt? (Talk your ass off)
You make a call on me, that'll be your last call (Last one)
I'm come and see you, all you do is (Talk your ass off)
She say she want that dick, I knocked her ass off (Knocked her)
She thought her pussy was the shit, she (Talk your ass off)
I got a hot girl, remind me of Kash Doll
She mask off, I told her (Talk your ass off)
You want beef with me? Man, that's a bad call (Bad)
I ain't gon' cap, I'ma move first, you (Talk your ass off)
Real over here, fakе over there and it's a stand off
Gamе on the line, we tryna win, I take the handoff (Off)
I told that bitch come in my room, first, take your pants off (Take 'em off)
I ain't got time if all you do is (Talk your ass off)
I hit the streets, got straight to work and went straight past y'all (Straight past)
I mean, I blast off, snitch niggas, can't stand y'all (At all)
I don't do no trash talk (Nah), haters get left off (Left)
I let that K blast off, you (Talk your ass off)
Keep playin' with me, I'll make your mama get that sad call
I made my circle tight and small and it's been payin' off
A lot of niggas just don't know it, I've been sparin' y'all
The internet, I'm layin' off (Talk your ass off, go)

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
Atlanta junkie, yeah, real flank but I'm the real boss
I let my money keep talkin' for me, now (Talk your ass off)
He throwin' shots, they indirect, but now the glove's off
Hire paid attorneys if I get caught then (Talk your ass off)
Plug dropped the price the time I cop it and it's that real raw (That dirty)
Talkin' 'bout that shit that leave you numb, this shit might freeze your jaw
You see some shit you shouldn't have saw, you better not call the law (No)
We shoot first then ask questions later like Quick Draw McGraw (Bah-bah)
Lil' jit keep stackin' up on choppers, he ready for war
A half a brick or even less to find you dead in your car
I be the dictionary, wrote a book dedicated to Scarr
Somebody lied, I'm not a star now (Talk your ass off, it's Gucci)

[Outro: Gucci Mane]
Choppers & Bricks
(Talk your ass off)
(Talk your ass off)

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