Anuv Jain – Husn (Romanized)

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In a much-anticipated moment, the acclaimed artist, , unveiled his latest musical masterpiece titled “Husn (Romanized)“. Anuv Jain, known for this soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, had been teasing his fanbase for months about this upcoming release. The excitement had reached a fever pitch in the weeks leading up to the song's drop, with fans eagerly dissecting cryptic social media posts and deciphering hidden clues in his previous work.

Moreover, the song, “Husn (Romanized),” marked a significant departure from Anuv Jain's previous project, embracing a fusion of genres that was both unexpected and enthralling.

As “Husn (Romanized)” resonated through the airwaves, it became evident that Anuv Jain had once again demonstrated his artistic evolution, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

The release of this song proved that Anuv Jain's creativity knew no bounds, and fans eagerly awaited his next musical journey.

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Anuv Jain – Husn (Romanized) Lyrics

Haan, haan

[Verse 1]
Dekho, dekho, kaisi baatein yahan ki
Hain saath par, hain saath naa bhi
Kya itni aasaan hai?
Dekho, dekho, jaise mere iraade
Waise kahaan tere yahan the
Haan, kitni naadan main

Mere husn ke ilaawa kabhi dil bhi maang lo Naa
Haaye, pal mein main pighal jaaun, haan
Ab aisa naa karo ki dil jud na paaye waapis
Teri baaton se bikhar jaaun, haan

[Verse 2]
Maana zamana hai diwaana
Isliye tune naa jaana
Tere liye main kaafi hun
Dekho, dekho, yeh zamane se thak kar
Aate ho kyun maasoom ban kar?
Tere liye main kya hi hun?

Phir aate kyu yahan karne aankhon mein ho baarish?
Abh aaye tho thehar jaao naa
Aur poocho naa zara mere din kе baare mein bhi
itne mеin sambhal jaaun, haan

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Haan, ek din kabhi koi
Jab bhi padhe kahani Teri
Lagta mujhe mere naam ka
Zikr kahin bhi hoga nahin

Haan, main yahin
Meri yeh aankhon mein, aankhon mein toh dekho
Dekho, yeh dil ka haal kya
Honthon se hota naa byaan
Meri yeh aankhon mein, aankhon mein toh dekho
Kaisa naseeb hai mera
Milke bhi na mujhe mila
Meri yeh aankhon mein, aankhon mein toh dekho
Teri adhoori si wafa
Maangu, main maangu aur naa
Meri yeh aankhon mein, aankhon mein toh dekho

Dekho, dekho, kaisi kheenchi lakeerein
Chahe bhi dil toh bhi naa jeete
Main iss daud mein nahi
Dekho, dekho, kaisi baatein yahan ki
Baatein yahi dekhun jahan bhi
Main iss daur se nahin

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