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A$AP Twelvyy, the amazing singer-songwriter, has unveiled this latest single titled, “Kid$ Gotta Eat” which is available on this website for free Mp3 (audio) Download, Lyrics and Music Video.

This track is a captivating glimpse into the recently released album, “Kid$ Gotta Eat Deluxe“. Kid$ Gotta Eat weaves a spellbinding tale of self-discovery and liberation, carried by A$AP Twelvyy's haunting vocals and impeccable production.

With a blend of folk, indie, and electronic elements, this song is an emotional journey that lingers long after the final note. A$AP Twelvyy' artistry shines through, offering a glimpse of what promises to be an extraordinary album. Don't miss out—immerse yourself in “Kid$ Gotta Eat” now and experience the magic of this music!

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A$AP Twelvyy – Kid$ Gotta Eat Lyrics

Ayo, Zeke and Ren, y'all on some other shit
They ain't even ready for that
We in a whole 'nother dimension

[Verse 1]
Laughing to the bank, I told her cry later
Five wages, everything on sight, it's like a skyscraper
Signing wavers, writin' in my suit, it's like my lifesaver
Fly capers, linin' in the linen like a light saber
Dice gamers, I was on Rodeo, that was light paper
Squid Cartis, welcome to the party, I'm off hi haters
Rod Avers, working on my sound, I'm like Clive Davis
Lеft Sony, did it on my lonely, I'm like, "Bye, hatеrs"
Dirty dozen, 2020 fresh, I'm like thirty-somethin'
Purple puffin, stuff it in my puffer, I been up to somethin'
Fight the truckers, they just wanna talk, I ain't Joey Buddens
Got it jumping, told 'em, "Pump it up," I was known for dumping
Shoulder shrugging, I don't give a fuck, I can map it out
Track it out, this the walls of Jericho, they tapping out
I'm Booker T, heatin' up in Harlem, I could cook a ki'
My booking fee flamin' like I'm Booker, I could push for three
No more Styrofoams, I been makin' zeros off of xylophones
Outside white, black seat, I call it dominos
BnB in Houston, told Brayce, "Get the Pappadeaux's"
Talladega Nights, got me speeding down to Hollygrove

Do the right thing, my brother
Not for me, not for yourself, but think about the kids

[Verse 2]
Drop it like Jeronimo, this my don dada flow
Pesto and ricotta, Green Goblin get a lot of dough
Tell Ronny this the gas, tell Keisha pick a bag
I was stressing, pandemic, I was dippin' through my stash
Now they raising gas prices, got me walkin' to the lab
I been fightin' for my life, I been leadin' with the jab
Jungle box breaks me in skid row selling slabs
Watch the game on cracked stream, downloadin' through the lab
Got pandemic on my line, they tryna up my analytics
Bobby Axelrod ventures, only billions in my vision
Keep my avatar cryptic and my actions on my pivot
In front of Jimbo's, feelin' like the best that ever did it

Let's all die tonight, I ain't afraid
I ain't scared to die for what I believe in, how about you, Odessa?

The kids gotta eat, I barely even sleep
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
The kids gotta eat, I barely even sleep
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
The kids gotta eat, I barely even sleep
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
The kids gotta eat, I barely even sleep
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

But it's gon' be [?] though

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